Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 is a fighting video game and the 2010 sequel to the 2009 game, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast. It was announced for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 consoles by Namco Bandai and Spike. The game was released November 2nd in North America, November 11th in Japan, November 5th in Europe and sometime in November for Australia. Overview

Development First announced on May 3rd, 2010 in the Weekly Shonen Jump,Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 sports up more than 100 characters, more than 20 of which are brand new to the Raging Blast series and 6 new to any Dragon Ball video game. New modes and additional environmental effects have also been included. Gameplay The gameplay takes a very similar approach to that of its predecessor. Destructible environments, and character trademark attacks and transformations return and are true to the series. These include signature "Pursuit Attacks" which enable players to initiate attack combos, juggling the opponent in a string of devastating strikes throughout the environment. Additionally, Raging Blast 2 sports the new Raging Soul System which enables characters to reach a special state, increasing their combat abilities to the ultimate level. Raging Blast 2's "story mode" is the "Galaxy Mode", as Namco Bandai Games America announced. It works like the story in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, that you pick a character and play his or her respective story, with what-if battles as well. At the end of each story there is a boss fight, which makes a powerful enemy, like Ultimate Gohan vs Gotenks Buu where Gohan starts with 1 HP. Battle Zone The Battle Zones that must be complete are: Square Zone-Ultimate Zone or Ultimate Square-Final Ultimate Zone. While playing those new Battle Modes (Battle Zone), "Enhanced Characters" can be unlocked. Also, various amount of titles can be unlocked depending on the character used. Enhanced Characters will have a much higher power level, due to their items. Enhanced characters cannot have their costume changed, items will be binded on the character, and moves will be default. Some characters like Goku, Vegeta, Vegito, Gogeta, Piccolo can't get enhanced. Here is some who are: Future Gohan, Ultimate Gohan, Meta-Cooler, Hatchiyack, Cell, Cell Jr., Super Janameba, SS3 Vegeta, and more.

For example: Cell will have a power of 69-72 depending on his transformation, Ultimate Gohan will have 38, Cell Jr. and Meta-Cooler will have 28, Hatchiyack will have 27, Vegeta in SS3 will have 41. Characters will have much power depending on their current Power Level and the items they already have. When Cell is enhanced, he will have by default: Fierce God, Maxing Ki and High Improvements on others. With the Fierce God-item, enhanced Cell's Ki attacks will deal a high amount of damage (holding Ki button (TRIANGLE or Y) button will deal around 1.6-2k).

Galaxy Mode Galaxy Mode is the new "Story Mode" of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2. This new Story Mode is very long but does not follow the actual story of the anime or manga, although some missions are similar to some major story battles, an example being Goku 's boss battle in his galaxy is Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga, and if you stick to his base form, they will have an exchange of dialogue, similar to the dialogue in the real battle. This carries over to the Versus mode, where certain characters will have conversations, e.g Teen Gohan and Cell . Every character has their own Galaxy Mode which involves several battles including a boss battle and bonus battles. In these "Missions" or battles there are some special conditions such as finish before your Raging Soul ends and start from almost no health and win the match. Some characters have battles with other characters where all the characters that go together to do the battle have to be unlocked. The Dragon Balls are earned by beating the boss mission of any character. If a character has a transformation, they have to unlock it by completing missions, but they start out in base, but later they can transform. Collector's Edition and Bonuses Accompanying the regular release of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 is a Collector's Edition that has been confirmed only for a release in European countries and Australia, the Collector's Edition features include a laser-cell artwork from the Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans remake, 8 exclusive costumes (including Bardock in 'Cell Saga' armor, Turles in armor similar to Nappa's and a lighter skin-tone to more resemble Gokuand Piccolo in King Piccolo's clothing) and finally a 3D pop-up box. Along with the Collector's Edition, there are several pre-order bonuses, so far there are only six available, all split into packs of three. The first containing alternate clothing for Gogeta, Teen Gohan and Goku, and the other one containing alternate clothing forVegeta, Trunks and Vegito.