Goku: Hey things are rough back here, in case you don't know 100 years after we defeated Omega Shenron
Trunks and Goten got the Dragon ball's and wished for all the Z fighters to use unlimited fusions. Well somehow all the villains have been wished back and have fused in to evil horrible villains.

Vegeta: Trunks fuse with me because Vegetrunks will beat this Villain.

Trunks: Ok dad let's do it, FUSION HA!

Goku: There now we have to kill that monster Majin Cell.

Vegetrunks: Now let's fight.

Majin Cell: You could never win i am Majin Buu and Perfect Cell as one.

Vegetrunks: Take this! (Vegetrunks goes and punches him and then uses Final Flash.)

Majin Cell: That's all? haha. (Eat this Majin Cell fires a attack and it hits Vegetrunks)

Goku: OH NO, is this the end?! Will Vegetrunks get up in time or will they have to face death? Will it be the end or will i have to fuse with Vegeta to become Vegtio.