Goku: I going to fight Super Omega. Vegeta won't turn into a Super Saiyan 5 so I think I am toast. I do have one
trick up my arm, I call it *Kaio-Ken Kamehameha*. it won't be anything has Powerful as Super Saiyan 5 but at least it will do.

Uub: Goku you know you also got me, I thnik i will have to fuse with you.

Goku: Nahh, it's not worth it, first i have to test his power level.

Super Omega: Enought chit-chat, only 10 more minutes of talking and saying your goodbyes.

Vegeta: Okay, I will go Super Saiyan 5!!!!

Vegeta: NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did he use the attack he's, he's DEAD.

Uub: Calm down, we'll just wish him back.

Vegeta: No one touches Goku but me. (Final Big bang Flash)

Goku: I am a King Kai's now, Will Vegeta's attack end Super Omega or will he fail.