Future Trunks faces off against Cell in the Cell Games.
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The Z-fighters and Trunks getting ready for his fight.

Trunks: Come on Cell I'm going to take you down.

Cell: Oh Trunks thats so nice of you to say that.

Trunks: Haaaaa(transforms into a SSJ)aaaa!!!!]

Cell:Good now let this fight begin.

Vegeta: Hey Trunks,my son win. (smirks)

Krillin:All hope is torward you now friend.

Cell: Now see my power!!! Haaaaa!!!!!

Trunks: (rushes torward Cell and then punches him) Take that Cell!

Cell:Lucky shot but that is the last one! Multi Form! [4 Cell sorrounding Trunks]

Trunks: What is this?


Cell as he punches Trunks

Cell: [all 4 Cells come at Trunks and they start kicking and punching Trunks] Now dont feel bad Trunks the Earth is next.

Trunks: Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![punches one of the Cells then,uppercuts the second and throws the 3rd multi form into the real Cell.] Cell I have to win I will not give up!

Cell: Fine be it but I will not show you mercy. (powers up an Super Kamehameha)

Trunks: What are you trying to do? -thinks- Oh snaps everybody get out of the way!!! (Burning Attack)

Vegeta: We have to go! (flies somewhere else)

Piccolo: I'm following you Vegeta! (flies following Vegeta)

Trunks about to blast Cell with Burning Attack

Trunks VS Cell

Future Trunks as he is preparing to blast Cell

Goku: Trunks and Cells power are astounding. (follows them and the rest of the Z Fighters come.

Cell: Where do you think you people are going? (haaa!!!!kameameha rushes to Trunks)

Trunks: Good they moved now lets finish this. (haaaa! throws burning attack)