Teen gohet

teen Gohet

Kid gohec

kid gohet

Looks like gohan as a child, but is a ginger (red hair) and blue sleves on his clothes. As a teen looks like gohan, but has a light blue gi or brown clothes like Piccolo . Looks more like Goku as an adult. Gohet is also the brother of Gohat.



Gohet trained by his father Goku Jr. he reached the super saian level. Soon after seing Goku change into a colored super saian Gohet mastered it as well. Once his mother died he accended to a super saian 2. Now our story begins with Gohet and his fried Frugeta. (Vegeta Jr. son)


Frugeta: Gohet what's that.

Gohet: I don't know. Let's go home.

TV: I am in East City where there are reports of aliens.

Gohet and Frugeta: Let's check it out

Random voice: I am Trolliy

the legendary super saian. I will destroy this puny planet.

Gohet and Frugeta: not on our watch. (both go super saian 2)

(Trolliy dominates)

Trolliy: I will give you 3 days until I destroy this planet. Good bye.

(Gohet and Frugeta fly home)

Gohet: Dad do you know a way to get strong quickly?

Goku: I heard stories about a power greater than imagination, but you need a tail under a full moon.

Frugeta: tomorow's a full moon , but Goku do you know how to regrow a tail.

Goku: Hmmmmm , THE DRAGON BALLS we have them gathered for an emegency. You can wish for a tail.

Shenron arise. (Shenron arises)

Shenron: speak your wish and I shall grant it.

Gohet: I wish I had a tail!!!!

Shenron: your wish has been granted. (shenron sleeps agian) ( gohet looks in amazment at his tail)

(Gohet grows untill he's a golden great ape) (Goku shows him a pic of his mom and immediantly accends)

Gohet dominates Trolliy the next day.


Frugeta's dad Vegeta Jr. dies and Frugeta's tail grows back for a reason unknown and immidently goes super saian 4.