Majin Chiaotzu

After Chiaotzu used selfdestruct Tien gave his life to use one tri-beam. Chiaotzu and Yamcha were traveling snake way at the time and Chiaotzu was so sad he jumped off into hell. Yamcha did not want to tell anyone because he is so dissapoinitng so he went to King Yenma who

Fakey, the saiyan

made a false Chiaotzu. This false Chiaotzu was a Saiyan. Years passed and no one noticed. Evenchully Babidi came to hell and met Chiaotzu. Chiaotzu was so cute that Babidi wade him his own... and Majin Chiaotzu was born! Around the time of fusion reborn Majin Chiaotzu came out of hell with everyone else. He had to kill Vegeta, Tien, and this new fake Chiaotzu. He went after Tien first. But, new Chiaotzu protected Tien and the fight of the century began. The two titans fought hard and when Majin was about to win fakey went super

Chiaotzu's epicness move!

saiyan! Majin was nothing aginst Fakey the Super Saiyan and started to lose badley. Babidi came cuz he didn't want to see Chiaotzu die. When fakey noticed the guest apperance he went behind Babidi and impaled him with his fist. Chiaotzu was now back to normal. Fakey went crazy mad and started to attack Chiaotzu and Tien. Chiaotzu used his best move, epicness, but, it still was not enough. Tien and Chiaotzu had to fuse. They did a fusion dance and Tieaotzu was born! Tieaotzu was beating fakey into the dirt and finished him with a tribeam epicness! Tien and Chiaotzu lived happy untill Dragon Ball GT. THE END!