Spawn Machine is a super machine invented by Dr. Gero when he resided in Hell. Throughout his time in Hell, he thought of ways to break out. He created many blueprints for machines, but none of them suited his interest. He finally came across the idea of the Spawn Machine. The machine can create anything that the user desires. It can create objects, new beings(dead or alive) and even new techniques. The user can also make a choice on how the specific thing can be made. For example, the user can make a new set of dragon balls that can make an infinite amount of wishes. Or the user can create a being that already exists, but can edit their character. If the user wants to make a second version of Cell, he can be edited by giving him immortality, Kaio-ken, Spirit Bomb, and even wish-making abilities. This has been labeled as one of Dr. Gero's greatest inventions.