Turnarrot as a Super Saiyan 5.

Turnarrot is Raditz's illegimate son with the female Saiyan Orana. After he discovered she was pregnant, he rejected her and he believed her being pregnant and him having to raise a son would make them weak. She ended up on Planet Bardock where Sprtatuk resided. Turnarrot was born on Planet Bardock and raised by Orana as well as Potamo who he looked up to as a father figure. After his mother was killed by Chiller, he went Super saiyan, but due to his anger he could not control it as he was blind with hatred, giving Chiller an edge when he ran out of power. He was rescued by Patomo who Chiller could not face in his present weakened state, which forced him to retreat. Later Fridga and Chiller attack New Planet Bardock and most of the Saiyans living there are killed with the exception of Turnarrot who Potamo buys time for so he can escape to Earth. On Earth, he meets the Z warriors and is tracked there by Fridga and Chiller. When Chiller arrives, Turnarrot goes Super Saiyan and confronts Chiller, who sends his minions and bodyguards, Androdia and Vargon, to fight them. He defeats them easily then confronts Chiller who manages to out fight him as he trained himself to handle a Super Saiyan. Then Chiller taunts with the fact that he killed Potamo as he is confident he will win. However, an enraged Turnarrot goes Super Saiyan 2 then blasts Chiller away with a single blast. However Fridga then arrives and confronts him. Since Fridga trained himself to handle Super saiyan 2, he manages to kill Turnarrot despite his valiant effort. Turnarrot is later revived with the Dragon Balls. Turnarrot's name is a pun on turnip and carrot.


  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan 2