Upa is in a tribe in the land or Korin. He a guardian of Korin Tower. Bora, his father, is the chief of the tribe.

Goku saves him from comander yellow when he was looking for the four star dragon ball. Bora and Upa then tell Goku whare the dragon ball might be. Goku soon comes back with the dragon ball. When Goku comes back Mercanary Tao appears and kills Bora. Upa is very upset and Goku promeces him that he will revive Bora with the dragon balls.

Upa later helps Goku find the last dragon ball after the fall of the red ribon army by going with him to fortion teller baba's house. Upa helps Puar defeat Fangs the Vampire, using the mythological items against vampires such as garlic breath and the shape of a cross. After Bora is revived, Upa tells his father that he will climb Korin Tower also. It is never revealed whether or not he succeeded.

Upa appears in Attack of the Saiyans telling the z fighters that they can not climb Korin Tower. He appoligeses when he learn who they are. He also yells at Launch when she is stealing from a house in the saiyan saga. He also gives energy for the spirit blast aginst Kid Buu.

In dragon ball GT he apears when Goku transports him to new planet plant.